2014 Rookies and Stars

Rookies and Stars Tony RomoThe 2014 Rookies and Stars brand from Panini hit the shelves in early August and does little to please the team collector. Only 4 veterans and 3 (un numbered nor short printed) Rookies does not make Cowboy team collector’s drool. Sure the Melton card is a nice addition but couldn’t they find a picture of him from Cowboys training camp vs an old out dated photo of him as a Chicago Bear. Plus, why all the La’Damien Washington cards from Panini? Whoever decided to sign him, screwed that up pretty bad…

Still Cowboy card collector’s must have these base cards to keep their collection intact so here they are;

#60 – Tony Romo
#61 – Dez Bryant
#62 – DeMarco Murray
#63 – Henry Melton
#104 – Ahmad Dixon (R)
#164 – La”Damien Washington (R)
#200 – Zack Martin (R)

Besides the base 2014 Rookies and Stars cards, the rest of the set consists mainly of Parallels with few inserts, at least for the Cowboys.

Click here to see a complete 2014 Rookies and Stars Dallas Cowboys cards checklist!


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2014 Elite

2014 EliteElite is now into its 15th season of producing high quality football cards. During this time span, Elite has not deviated from the original design of high quality action photos on foil backgrounds with tons of parallels, inserts, relic and autographed cards.

The Dallas Cowboys 2014 Elite checklist includes:
25 – Tony Romo
26 – Dez Bryant
27 – DeMarco Murray
161 – L’Damien Washington (R) s/n to 999
162- Devin Street (R) s/n to 999
200 – Zack Martin (R) s/n to 499

Click HERE to see a full Cowboy card checklist for 2014 ELITE!

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It’s now or never for Tyrone Crawford.

Tyrone CrawfordTyrone Crawford, defensive lineman, was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Crawford played in all 16 games as a rookie for the Cowboys in 2012 and averaged about 1 tackle a game. He was predicted to take even larger strides in the 2013 NFL season but a torn Achilles tendon on the first day of training camp in the Summer of 2013 ended his season and the Cowboys hopes of a deep defense line.

The Cowboys 2013 defense was the worst defense in the league and close to being the worst in NFL history and some of that blame goes to injuries like that suffered by Crawford during training camp.

A healthy Tyrone Crawford is expected to vie for a starting spot on the defensive line and provide much needed depth for a unit that struggled mightily in 2013! Crawford is big and athletic enough to play at both the end and tackle along the line which is a aspect that will not be overlooked by the Cowboys.

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2014 Prestige

2014 PrestigePrestige hit the streets in early July and includes 300 base cards (100 rookies). The rookies are not serial numbered or short printed. At least not from what I can tell. Prestige is keeping with its tradition of tons of parallels of the base cards and fewer base inserts.  One twist I found from the 2014 Prestige Cowboy cards was the Devin Street base rookie card. This card is numbered 262 in the base set as well as all the other base parallels. But the Rookie Signature insert set and all the subsequent Parallels of the Rookie Signature set which is really just a parallel of the base rookies, card#262 is L’Damian Washington and not Devin Street. That makes me think that Street didn’t sign and therefore Prestige ran out and got another Cowboy rookie (one that is NOT in the base set by the way) and had him sign.  Prestige did this on a few other players as well but the others were always from different teams. In fact, Demarcus Lawrence did not get any Autographed Parallel cards, his card #277 was used for Isaiah Crowell in the Rookie Signature sets.

There are 9 Cowboy cards in the 2014 Prestige base set including:
103 - Tony Romo
104 – Dez Bryant
105 – Terrance Williams
106 – DeMarco Murray
107 – Jason Witten
108 – Sean Lee
262 – Devin Street (RC)
277 – Demarcus Lawrence (RC)
300 – Zack Martin (RC)

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Cowboys undrafted Free Agents

Each year after the NFL Draft, teams are scrambling to sign college players that were not drafted. The Cowboys have had a bit of success over the past decade with players that went undrafted and signed with the Cowboys after the draft. This includes Pro Bowlers Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Dan Bailey.

The following is a list of the confirmed 2014 undrafted Free Agents that the Dallas Cowboys signed after the 2014 NFL Draft!

Kolton Browning, QB, Louisiana-Monroe
Davon Coleman, DT, Arizona State
J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU
Cody Mandell, P, Alabama
Glasco Martin, RB, Baylor
Ronald Patrick, OL, South Carolina
Jarrod Pughsley, OL, Akron
Ryan Smith, S, Auburn
Dustin Vaughan, QB, West Texas A&M
L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri
Chris Whaley, DT, Texas
Chris Boyd, WR, Vanderbilt
Ben Malena, RB, Texas A&M
Jordan Najvar, TE, Baylor
Dontavis Sapp, LB, Tennessee
Evan Wilson, TE, Illinois
Joe Windsor, DE, Northern Illinois
Brian Clarke, OG, Bloomsburg
Josh Aladenoye, OT, Illinois State
Casey Kreiter, LS, Iowa
Keith Smith, ILB, San Jose State
Marvin Robinson, FS, Ferris State
Jocquel Skinner, CB, Bethel
Andre Cureton, OG, Cincinnati
Dashaun Phillips, CB, Tarleton State

From the list above, the following players already have football cards from the pre draft (college) football card brands and I have them cataloged on the cowboycards.com site.
J.C. Copeland has cards from the 2014 Upper Deck Brand.  Click here to see the checklist.
L’Damian Washington has cards from the 2014 Press Pass Brand. Click here to see the checklist.
Ben Malena has cards from the 2014 Upper Deck and Leaf Draft brands. Click here to see the Checklist.

70239 70242 undrafted free agents

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2014 NFL Draft – Cowboys

2014 NFL DraftThe Cowboys started the 2014 NFL Draft with 11 picks in their pocket but through a series of trades in the 2nd and 5th rounded ended with only 9 picks. Still a generous amount of selections for a team starved for talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  Without further adieu, here are the Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Draft selections:

ROUND 1 (pick 16): Zack Martin, Tackle from Notre Dame. Even though Johnny Manziel was still on the board, the Cowboys resisted the temptation and took an offensive lineman. Martin is the 3rd offensive lineman the Cowboys have taken in the first round over the past 4 seasons!

ROUND 2 (34th overall): Demarcus Lawrence, Defensive End from Boise State. The Cowboys moved up in a trade with the Washington Redskins in order to grab Lawrence. The Cowboys gave the Redskins their 2nd and 3rd round picks for the Redskins 2nd round pick. No doubt Cowboy fans are hoping this Demarcus can quickly replace their old Demarcus (Ware) but chances are pretty slim the Cowboys score 2 HOFer Demarcus DEs consecutively!

ROUND 4 (119th overall): Anthony Hitchens, Linebacker from Iowa. The Cowboys are hoping that Hitchens can provide some depth at Linebacker since no one outside of Sean Lee has been very productive last season and Lee missed several game.

ROUND 5 (146th overall): Devin Street, Wide Receiver from Pittsburgh. The Cowboys moved up again this time in the 5th round in a trade with the Lions in order to draft Street. The Cowboys gave their 5th and one of their 7ths for the Lions 5th. The Cowboys have a  1 and 2 (Bryant and Williams) and a slot (Beasley) but are thin at WR since they released Miles Austin. They are hoping Street will provide much needed depth at WR.

ROUND 7 (231st overall): Ben Gardner, Defensive End from Stanford. The Cowboys continue to try and bolster their defensive line by picking a 2nd Defensive lineman.

ROUND 7 (238th overall): Will Smith, Linebacker from Texas Tech.

ROUND 7 (248th overall): Ahmad Dixon, Safety from Baylor. The Cowboys continue to search for a quality safety. Its been about a decade since Darren Woodson retired and the Cowboys have yet to find a quality replacement.

ROUND 7 (251st overall): Ken Bishop, Defensive Tackle from Northern Illinois. Another defensive lineman but this one a bigger interior lineman.

ROUND 7 (254th overall): Terrance Mitchell, Cornerback from Oregon. The Cowboys take their 7th defensive player in the draft, but the first corner back where the Cowboys are thin after their 1st team Claiborne and Carr.


More importantly, at least for Cowboy card collectors, 4 of the 9 players selected by the Cowboys in the 2014 NFL Draft already have football cards from college brands Leaf Draft, Upper Deck and Press Pass.

The Following players have cards and you can click on the players name to be taken to a checklist of cards available from those players:
Zack Martin – 1st round pick Zack Martin has 36 total cards currently. These cards are from Leaf Draft, Upper Deck, Leaf Trinity and Leaf Originals.
Devin Street - 5th round pick Devin Street has the most cards from these four players with 74 cards from Leaf Draft, Upper Deck, Leaf Trinity, Leaf Originals, Leaf Metal Draft and Press Pass.
Ahmad Dixon – 7th round pick Ahmad Dixon has 3 cards from the Upper Deck brand.
Terrance Mitchell – 7th round pick Terrance Mitchell has 5 cards from Upper Deck and Leaf Draft.

2014 Dallas Cowboys footabll cards 70129 70197 70200

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Topps Five Star

2013 Five StarThe 2013 Topps Five Star football trading card brand is another VERY high end brand from Topps. These boxes (which is really no more than a pack of 5 cards) runs nearly $400 per, which equals out to just under $100 per card… Despite the asinine price tag, these cards are fabulous. Tons of serial numbered autographs and game used cards!

The base set contains the following Cowboys:
38 – Troy Aikman /208
45 – Jason Witten /208
58 – Dez Bryant /208
77 – Demarcus Ware /208
93 – Tony Romo /208
124  – Joseph Randle /94 (ROOKIE, RELIC, AUTO)
131 – Gavin Escobar /94 (ROOKIE, RELIC, AUTO)

Other Cowboy cards from the 2013 Topps Five Star brand can be found here; <checklist>

More pictures of the 2013 Topps Five Star football card brand;

69963 69972 69996 69962 69961 69913 69914 69910 69911 69898 69909 69894 69895 69896 69888 69891 69887 69886 69884 69885 69883 2013 Five Star 70023 2013 Topps Five Star

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Panini Black

2013 Panini BlackAnother high end brand from Panini. For the second year in a row, Panini offers up their high end Panini Black brand for high end collectors. A 2013 Panini Black Football Hobby Box
runs about $190 and contain only 12 cards pre box. When did a pack become a become a box.  Of course, within the single box your guaranteed to get several hits in fact you get more hit than you do base cards in each box. Shouldn’t that make base cards the new chase cards?

Anyway, there are several dozen sets within the Panini Black brand including tons of Parallels, Autographs and Relic cards.

The Dallas Cowboys base cards from the 2013 Panini Black include:
12 – Demarcus Ware /399
35 – Dez Bryant /399
41 – Jason Witten /399
2013 Panini Black back210 – Gavin Escobar (R) (Auto) /99
215 – Joseph Randle (R) (Auto) /99
236 – Terrance Williams (R) (Auto) /99

When you include all the parallels and inserts there are 161 total Cowboy cards from the 2013 Panini Black brand, most of which come from the Cowboys 3 tops Rookies, Escobar, Randle and Williams. If you have a keen eye you will notice that Panini has used the same base card numbers for those 3 top Cowboy rookies throughout many of their brands in 2013 (210, 215, 236). Just something I noticed. I am sure they did this with a lot of the 2013 NFL Rookies in an effort to help them keep things organized.


Click HERE to see more 2013 Panini Black Cowboy cards!

69204 69197 69193 69195 69137 69189 69138 69136 2013 Panini Black

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2013 National Treasures

2013 National TreasuresPanini brought back their high end brand, National Treasures, for the 4th year. The 2013 version of National Treasures is similar to every previous year with tons of Autographs, Game Used relics, Parallels and serial numbered cards. The 2013 National Treasures brand is large, gigantic in comparison to the other 2013 brands with over 100 unique sets, inserts, parallels. The base set alone contains over 300 cards including veterans, retired stars and rookies plus each base card is serial numbered to 99 for current stars and rookies and 50 for retired stars.

The Cowboys from the base set includes 2 players that have yet to get a football card from a national brand are likely to be HOT cards!
The Dallas Cowboys 2013 National Treasures base set includes;
25 – DeMarco Murray /99
26 – Dez Bryant /99
2013 National Treasures back27 – Jason Witten /99
28 – Tony Romo /99
111 – Bob Lilly /50
117 – Deion Sanders /50
119 – Emmitt Smith /50
138 – Michael Irvin /50
142 – Roger Staubach /50
149 – Tony Dorsett /50
150 – Troy Aikman /50
163 – J.J. Wilcox (R) /99
165 – Jeff Heath (R) /99
198 – Travis Frederick (R) /99
210 – Gavin Escobar (R) (Auto)  /99
215 – Joseph Randle (R) (Auto)  /99
236 – Terrance Williams (R) (Auto)  /99

The see a listing of the rest of the Dallas Cowboys football cards from the 2013 National Treasures with tons of card pics;  CLICK HERE!

2013 National Treasures 68525 68527 68528 68529 68530 68531 68532 68534 68622 68631

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2013 Topps Museum Collection

68287 The Museum Collection is also making their debut for Topps in 2013 (2014). These are high end cards printed on thick card stock. This brand features tons of autographs and relic cards with most of these cards serial numbered to please the higher end collector.

Here is a quick look at the Cowboys base cards from Topps Museum:
#21 – Demarcus Ware
#34 – Troy Aikman
#60 - Terrance Williams RC
#72 – Tony Romo
#91 – Joseph Randle RC

Hobby boxes of the 2013 T0pps Museum brand are available at Amazon. Each box contains 4 packs and each pack contains 5 cards.

A more detail Cowboy cards listing of Topps Museum can be found >>here<<.

68351 68337 68332 2013 Topps Museum 2013 Topps Museum

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