Panini Black

2013 Panini BlackAnother high end brand from Panini. For the second year in a row, Panini offers up their high end Panini Black brand for high end collectors. A 2013 Panini Black Football Hobby Box
runs about $190 and contain only 12 cards pre box. When did a pack become a become a box.  Of course, within the single box your guaranteed to get several hits in fact you get more hit than you do base cards in each box. Shouldn’t that make base cards the new chase cards?

Anyway, there are several dozen sets within the Panini Black brand including tons of Parallels, Autographs and Relic cards.

The Dallas Cowboys base cards from the 2013 Panini Black include:
12 – Demarcus Ware /399
35 – Dez Bryant /399
41 – Jason Witten /399
2013 Panini Black back210 – Gavin Escobar (R) (Auto) /99
215 – Joseph Randle (R) (Auto) /99
236 – Terrance Williams (R) (Auto) /99

When you include all the parallels and inserts there are 161 total Cowboy cards from the 2013 Panini Black brand, most of which come from the Cowboys 3 tops Rookies, Escobar, Randle and Williams. If you have a keen eye you will notice that Panini has used the same base card numbers for those 3 top Cowboy rookies throughout many of their brands in 2013 (210, 215, 236). Just something I noticed. I am sure they did this with a lot of the 2013 NFL Rookies in an effort to help them keep things organized.


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69204 69197 69193 69195 69137 69189 69138 69136 2013 Panini Black

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2013 National Treasures

2013 National TreasuresPanini brought back their high end brand, National Treasures, for the 4th year. The 2013 version of National Treasures is similar to every previous year with tons of Autographs, Game Used relics, Parallels and serial numbered cards. The 2013 National Treasures brand is large, gigantic in comparison to the other 2013 brands with over 100 unique sets, inserts, parallels. The base set alone contains over 300 cards including veterans, retired stars and rookies plus each base card is serial numbered to 99 for current stars and rookies and 50 for retired stars.

The Cowboys from the base set includes 2 players that have yet to get a football card from a national brand are likely to be HOT cards!
The Dallas Cowboys 2013 National Treasures base set includes;
25 – DeMarco Murray /99
26 – Dez Bryant /99
2013 National Treasures back27 – Jason Witten /99
28 – Tony Romo /99
111 – Bob Lilly /50
117 – Deion Sanders /50
119 – Emmitt Smith /50
138 – Michael Irvin /50
142 – Roger Staubach /50
149 – Tony Dorsett /50
150 – Troy Aikman /50
163 – J.J. Wilcox (R) /99
165 – Jeff Heath (R) /99
198 – Travis Frederick (R) /99
210 – Gavin Escobar (R) (Auto)  /99
215 – Joseph Randle (R) (Auto)  /99
236 – Terrance Williams (R) (Auto)  /99

The see a listing of the rest of the Dallas Cowboys football cards from the 2013 National Treasures with tons of card pics;  CLICK HERE!

2013 National Treasures 68525 68527 68528 68529 68530 68531 68532 68534 68622 68631

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2013 Topps Museum Collection

68287 The Museum Collection is also making their debut for Topps in 2013 (2014). These are high end cards printed on thick card stock. This brand features tons of autographs and relic cards with most of these cards serial numbered to please the higher end collector.

Here is a quick look at the Cowboys base cards from Topps Museum:
#21 – Demarcus Ware
#34 – Troy Aikman
#60 - Terrance Williams RC
#72 – Tony Romo
#91 – Joseph Randle RC

Hobby boxes of the 2013 T0pps Museum brand are available at Amazon. Each box contains 4 packs and each pack contains 5 cards.

A more detail Cowboy cards listing of Topps Museum can be found >>here<<.

68351 68337 68332 2013 Topps Museum 2013 Topps Museum

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2013 Panini Playbook

2013 PlaybookPlaybook makes their product debut for Panini in 2013. These cards are Super Premium cards that include a ton of Relics and Autographs as well as lots of booklet cards that open up, creating a double wide card or book. Every card in the base set is serial numbered and autographed.

Here is a quick list of the base Cowboy cards from 2013 Playbook:
#22 – Sean Lee /50
#47 – Michael Irvin /88
#96 – Deion Sanders /21
#149 – Joseph Randle RC /49
#190 – Terrance Williams RC /49

A single pack of these cards is actually considered a Hobby Box and can be purchased at Amazon: 2013 Panini Playbook Football Hobby Box

More Details and a Cowboy card checklist from the 2013 Panini Playbook brand can be found >>here<<.

68516b 68442 68406 2013 Playbook

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2013 Totally Certified

2013 Totally CertifiedTotally Certified from Panini is back for the third season. 2013 Totally Certified is a high end brand from Panini and includes a large base set and multiple Game Used and Autographed insert sets. In fact, all of the insert cards are either Game Used Relics or Autographed and in some cases, both! These cards come in 5 cards selling for ~$25 per pack
or $90 per box with 6 packs per box on Amazon

The 2013 Totally Certified base set contains over 250 cards when you include the Thanksgiving day subset which highlights players who excelled on Thanksgiving Day games. As you can imagine, there are loads of Cowboy players from that subset. There are several different colored parallels of the base set and several insert sets. Each insert set features either an Autographed card or a Game Used Relic card. In some cases, the inserts are both Autographed and Game Used.

The Cowboy cards from the 2013 Totally Certified base set includes:
(TH) is Thanksgiving Day subset.
#13 – Tony Romo
#14 – Dez Bryant
#53 – Dez Bryant (TH)
#58 – Miles Austin (TH)
#62 – Demarcus Ware (TH)
#63 – Jason Witten (TH)
#67 – Tony Romo (TH)
#75 – Emmitt Smith (TH)
#76 – Deion Sanders (TH)
#77 - Troy Aikman (TH)
#78 – Michael Irvin (TH)
#80 – Danny White (TH)
#81 – Randy White (TH)
#82 – Tony Dorsett (TH)
#88 – Roger Staubach (TH)
#220 – Gavin Escobar (ROOKIE)
#225 – Joseph Randle (ROOKIE)
#246 – Terrance Williams (ROOKIE)

To see more Cowboy cards and checklists from the 2013 Totally Certified brand, click here!

More Cowboy cards from the 2013 Totally Certified football card brand:

67742 67706 67691 67726 67745 67682 67680 67675 67662 67647 67668 67565 67661 67560 67563 67562 2013 Totally Certified 67559

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2013 Topps Triple Threads

2013 Topps Triple ThreadsTopps High End brand, Triple Threads, is back for its eight consecutive year making it one of the longest running Topps High End brands. These cards are of course very thick and include many relic and autographed cards. In fact, every 2013 Topps Triple Threads Rookie card is both Autographed and includes a relic as well as being serial numbered.  There are several different colored parallels of the base set as well as parallels of the insert sets. Every insert set is serial numbered and is either autographed, game used (relic) or in many cases both. These cards come 7 cards per pack and 2 packs per box at a retail price of $150 per box averaging each card at $10 per… making Topps Triple Threads one of the most expensive brands in the hobby.

<< Click Here >> to see the 2013 Dallas Cowboys Topps Triple Threads checklist.


Here are the 2013 Topps Triple Threads Dallas Cowboys base cards.

#28 – Tony Romo
#41 – Jason Witten
#57 – Dez Bryant
#60 – DeMarco Murray
#75 – Emmitt Smith
#113 – Gavin Escobar (R, SN, Relic, Auto)
#130 – Joseph Randle (R, SN, Relic, Auto)
#138 – Terrance Williams (R, SN, Relic, Auto)

2013 Topps Triple Threads
67408 67526


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2013 Topps Magic

2013 Topps MagicTopps continues its Magic brand, four years running now, with 330 base cards including 117 Rookies. There are tons of base cards for team set collectors in the 2013 Topps Magic brand. These cards have artists or computer rendered drawings on the front but you have to look real close to confirm that. The backs are simple by design to portray a throwback style of card.  These cards are nice and thick and beautifully designed on the front. There are few insert sets including only a few Autographed inserts and a few Game Used Relic inserts but that doesn’t detract from the demand for these cards. Besides, there are several miniature parallel sets with different colored borders. These cards are sure to be a team collector favorite simply because of the number of base cards per team. The Cowboys have 11 base cards including 3 rookies and 1 retired star (Troy Aikman).


Base set Cowboys:
#46 - Demarco Murray
#93 – Terrance Williams (RC)
#111 – Jason Witten
#112 – Joseph Randle (RC)
#148 – Gavin Escobar (RC)
#248 – Dez Bryant
#277 – Demarcus Ware
#287 – Sean Lee
#299 – Troy Aikman
#303 – Miles Austin
#329 – Tony Romo

<<Click here>> to see the 2013 Topps Magic Dallas Cowboys cards.

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2013 Prizm

2013 PrizmThe 2013 Prizm football trading card brand from Panini was released in late October of 2013 at a estimated cost of $4.99 per pack. These base cards are very similar to the 2012 debut Prizm base cards with a chrome finish on the front. The 2013 Prizm base set includes 200 veterans and 100 rookies. The Hobby boxes include 6 cards per pack and 20 packs per box.  Each box contains at least 2 Autograph cards, 20 Rookie cards, 3 Parallel cards and 6 different insert cards. Parallel sets include Prizm, Orange, Die Cut (/50), Gold (/10) and Finite (1 of 1). Base Inserts include Rookie Impact, Decade of Dominance and Monday Night Heroes.  Each of the base inserts also include several different Parallel versions. Prime inserts (Autographs and Game Used) include Rated Rookie Patches and Autographs. Each of the Prime inserts also include several different Parallel versions.


There are 7 Cowboy veterans in the 2013 Prizm base set and 3 rookies:
2013 Prizm back#152 – Tony Romo
#153 – Dez Bryant
#154 – Miles Austin
#155 DeMarco Murray
#156 – Jason Witten
#157 – DeMarcus Ware
#158 – Morris Claiborne
#237 – Gavin Escobar
#249 – Joseph Randle
#290 – Terrance Williams

Other Cowboy players included in the 2013 Prizm brand but not in the base set include;
Sean Lee (Autographs)
Anthony Spencer (Autographs)
Dwayne Harris (Autographs)
James Hannah (Autographs)
Lance Dunbar (Autographs)
Tyron Smith (Autographs)
Bob Lilly (Decade of Dominance)
Roger Staubach (Decade of Dominance)
Randy White (Decade of Dominance)
Troy Aikman (Decade of Dominance)
Michael Irvin (Decade of Dominance)

You can find the entire checklist and set breakdown here > 2013 Prizm Dallas Cowboys football card checklist.

65406 65432 65453 2013 Prizm65421 65438 65495 65534 65573 65634

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Three consecutive seasons at 8-8. Three consecutive seasons the Cowboys lose in a win and in season finale. This reminds me of the early 1980s when the Cowboys went to three consecutive NFC Championship games and lost each game. At the time, I felt that the Cowboys simply needed to secure home field and they would get over that hump but in reality I was wrong. The Cowboys were simply not good enough back then as they are not good enough now.

Cowboys 2013 final game

The only difference between that 1908s team and this team was Tom Landry and Tex Schramm. There is no doubt in my mind that Landry got more from his slightly better than average team during those years and Jason Garrett is getting less from his slightly better than average team of today.

Each year, the Cowboys and Jerry Jones, come up with excuses as to what might be missing from this Cowboys team. First it was a running game, then it was the offensive line, then it was the play calling, this year it was injuries or the defensive coach. Every year there is a different reason but if you look at the really good teams, the top franchises in the league, those excuses do not exist. The top franchises get the job done no matter what because they are built to win from the top down.

The New England Patriots are the NFL’s elite franchise, they don’t win the Super Bowl every year but every year they are in the hunt right down to the wire. The Patriots are what the Cowboys used to be back in the Tom Landry days. Landry didn’t care who his QB, RB or WR was. He didn’t care if he lost a LB or Safety to injury or retirement, his team was gonna win because they had a system in place that did not allow for these excuses.

The Patriots have just as many injuries as the Cowboys. If you take away Tom Brady, they have less overall talent. There is no reason for the Cowboys to flounder at 8-8 year after year and the Patriots post 12 win seasons like their playing hopscotch in the school yard. The biggest difference between the Cowboys and the Patriots are the folks at the top. There is no doubt in my mind that Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick could take this Cowboys roster and make them a 12 win team year in and year out.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys fans, the top is not gonna change. The coach could change and does quite often but the results are the same. Jerry the GM is not gonna be fired but in my opinion I don’t think he is doing a bad job as GM from a player perspective. The Cowboys have a good group of players. They have glaring holes in certain positions just like all teams do but they have a good balance of good to great players across the board and that is a credit to Jerry the GM, in my opinion.

The Cowboys problem comes down to coaching. But more than that its about who is at the top of the coaching chain. You would think the head coach Jason Garrett is at the top of the coaching chain but in this case he is not. Jerry is the top dog in the coaching ranks. Jerry picks the Head Coach but he also picks the staff. He hires the coordinators, the assistants and all. That, in my opinion, undermines the head coach’s ability to get the best out of his assistants and other coaches. The other coaches know they don’t really answer to Jason but to Jerry.

The Coaches are more concerned about keeping Jerry happy than they are at keeping Jason happy or working within Jason’s system. That seriously erodes the team from the top down and causes groups of players to be out of sync with other groups.

So in this humble fan’s opinion, the Cowboys problem is not Jerry the players GM but Jerry the coaches GM. Jerry should not be picking any coach other than the head coach and then he should let the head coach do the rest. I don’t know if Jason Garrett is the guy for this or not but I don’t think he has been given a fair shot at trying to be the guy because of Jerry’s meddling with the coaches.

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2013 Bowman Sterling

Dez Bryant 2013 Bowman Sterling

The 2013 Bowman Sterling football card brand was released in late 2013. These are high end cards selling for around $50 per pack. Each pack contains 3 base cards, 1 autographed cards and 1 relic card. The set focuses on rookies with a ratio of 4 rookies for every 1 veteran. The Base set contains 100 cards, 80 of which are rookies and 20 are veterans.  The Dallas Cowboy players are who represented in this football card brand include 2013 NFL Rookies Joseph Randle, Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams. The only Cowboy veteran from this set is WR Dez Bryant.

The Cowboy cards from the 2013 Bowman Sterling football trading card brand breaks down like this;
There are 165 total Cowboy cards:
There are 20 total cards of WR Dez Bryant
There are 53 total cards of rookie TE Gavin Escobar
There are 51 total  cards of rookie RB Joseph Randle
There are 41 total cards of rookie WR Terrance Williams

You can find the Cowboys checklist and breakdown of each set, insert and parallel here > 2013 Dallas Cowboys Bowman Sterling checklist.

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